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Top 7 Fall Marketing Ideas for 2022

Fall Marketing Ideas

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The summer lull is almost over and everybody is getting back to town while kids prepare for school. Therefore, making fall the perfect season to ramp up your marketing strategy and promotions. It is the only way to keep your Austin area business fresh and reel in prospective customers.

However, how do you take advantage of this period with so little time to actually do it – typically between September 22nd and December 20th. Below is a comprehensive look at the top seven fall marketing ideas for 2022 to get you started. Let’s dive right in to set your business up for success this fall.

Have a Final Summer Sale

Do you still have some of that summer merchandise left in your store? These include items such as sunglasses, flip-flops, towels, water bottles, and t-shirts. Well, start by having one last summer sale to clear the stock.

Having a final sale helps your business recoup some of the costs that went into the production of these summer-related products. It also frees up your inventory space to acquire fall promotional products. Don’t forget that these sales equally offer an excellent opportunity to build chatter about your brand and services.

Create Relevant Seasonal Content

People relate more to season content around the holidays. It is no surprise that Pinterest records 22% more online sales and up to 10x more engagement with seasonal content. Consumers are naturally drawn to timely, personalized content.

Your Austin area business can take advantage of this aspect to attract more customers. Ensure you create seasonal content that matches your brand and post it on your website or social media sites. Below are a few examples of seasonal content for various businesses across different industries:

  • School – create a list of fall events that families and students will be interested in.
  • Home services – create a blog post on how to deal with home temperature changes. You could also share ideas on how to prepare a garden for fall.
  • Auto repair – educate customers on how to prepare their cars for the harsh chill that comes with winter. Create a blog post on why fall is the best time to inspect tires and ensure all lights are functional.
  • Restaurant – share a special fall recipe that is common in your area. It will also help to highlight your fall season menu items.

Create a Fall Referral Program

Word of mouth marketing is among the leading ways to attract new customers – especially in a service-related industry. Your current customers provide high-quality leads that are easy to convert. According to Nielsen, 83% of consumers trust recommendations from friends, colleagues, and family. Also, 18% of referrals are likely to become brand ambassadors.

Launching a referral program this fall will, therefore, help you gain more customers. Let your existing consumers refer friends and family and earn rewards. Doing this helps boost your brand while ensuring you make maximum sales during this busy fall season.

Send Out Fall-Themed Weekly Deals

With a forecast of 4.3 billion active email addresses by the end of 2022, you can’t go wrong with email marketing. Sending out fall-themed weekly emails with discounts and deals with help attract more consumers. You will also stay relevant throughout the season, thus making your brand memorable.

Luckily, email marketing is not an expensive financial investment. It is an affordable marketing solution that brings back lapsed clients and converts new leads. However, do not forget to highlight holiday sales that you might be running during this period.

Ensure Your Ad Copy Includes Fall Advertising Slogans

Many Austin area businesses fail to integrate fall advertising slogans into their marketing campaigns during this period. It is a costly mistake that can drive away numerous leads. Below are a few examples of fall advertising slogans that you can use:

  • Fresh for fall
  • Never risk a fall
  • Fall just got better
  • Autumn’s in the air
  • Falling leaves, falling prices
  • A lifestyle you’ll fall for
  • Fall into Autumn
  • Fall days are fun days

A good slogan for fall will help highlight your brand image and make it more memorable. It strikes more of an accord with your consumer than if you only had a brand name. An excellent slogan both gives your consumers a commitment and showcases what your brand stands for.

Use Fall Hashtags

Your social posts need hashtags to gain more engagement. For starters, your message will be seen by a wider audience which generates more leads. However, fall-specific hashtags will help attract an audience already interested in what you have to offer.

It will also help to generate a branded hashtag for your business this fall. You can then encourage your existing customers to use it on their social media posts throughout the season. After all, Twitter hashtags can help increase engagement by up to 50% for brands and 100% for individuals.

Pay Close Attention to Upcoming Holidays

The big fall holidays such as Thanksgiving and Halloween will generate a lot of sales. Therefore, you need to update your calendar and plan for all of these holidays. Think about how your business related to each holiday and create engaging content.

However, this does not mean that you should forget about the small fall holidays. After all, you need to take advantage of every opportunity to make sales. Below is a comprehensive list of fall holidays and observances – both small and big – to get you started:

  • Oktoberfest – consider offering beer to consumers who visit your establishment during Oktoberfest. You could also offer branded bottle openers and glasses.
  • Halloween – organizing something scary for this ghoulish holiday will generate more sales. It will also help to decorate your website appropriately for this holiday and attract curious consumers.
  • Cyber Monday – offer deals and discounts to appreciate your customers.
  • Black Friday – this is also an excellent time to offer special discounts. You will stand out from the crowd and boost your brand.
  • National Savings Day – write a blog post highlighting ways to save money. It will also help to compare the pricing of your services with your competition.
  • Patriot Day – display flags in your establishment and make it a day of service for your employees.
  • NFL Opening Night – run a football-themed special or offer deals when your team wins.
  • World Vegetarian Day – encourage employees to be vegetarian for the day and share their experiences. Restaurants could also offer discounts on vegetarian dishes.
  • No Shave November – encourage your beard-growing employees to share their progress.
  • Veterans Day – consider offering discounts and deals to those who have served or donate to veteran organizations.
  • National Taco Day – share a taco pun with your audience or a taco recipe.
  • National Pumpkin Day – fun facts about pumpkins usually get a lot of engagement on this day. It will also help to consider signing up for a pumpkin competition.
  • National Coffee Day – post a picture of your favorite coffee on this day. Equally, talk about your favorite coffee shop in the area.
  • Labor Day – consider a Labor Day contest or giveaway.

Let Us Help

The above marketing ideas for fall will help your Austin area business finish the year strong. However, we are here if you need further help on how to take advantage of the fall promotions. For more great marketing ideas sign up for our newsletter below or contact us today to take it off your plate altogether.