Yes! Hot Dog Marketing is a certified Women Business Enterprise, Minority Business Enterprise, and HUB in the State of Texas. If you’re interested in adding us to your vendor list, reach out to info@hotdogpr.com and we’ll start the process with your procurement team. 

We do! You can download our 1-page capabilities statement with record of past performance here. Your email will be required. 

Hot Dog Marketing is a certified reseller and Platinum Partner with HubSpot. We’re also certified partners with Facebook, SEM Rush, and WP Engine. Our team holds certificates in SEO, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, HubSpot Implementation, Brand Strategy and Agile. 

While we typically work with sales and revenue leaders, we can work with a marketing leader when they department needs help with overflow work. We recommend a time and materials retainer for those kinds of engagements. 

We’re open to submitting either document to your organization if we feel like we’re a good fit for the project or partnership AND someone at the organization is open to having a meeting about the opportunity. RFIs and RFPs should be submitted to info@hotdogpr.com

Both engagements are designed with flexibility in mind. Agile retainers are a good fit for organizations where Hot Dog Marketing is the leader of the marketing activities and we are designing and implementing campaigns and measuring those outcomes for our clients. These retainers are 90-day campaign building plans with 30-day tactical sprints. 

Time and Materials retainers are simple. You set a monthly budget for your overflow work and then assign work to our team at Hot Dog Marketing to complete for you. We clock into the tasks, and we subtract our hourly rate and any additional expenses from your monthly budget with us. Time and Material retainers are a good fit for clients that don’t need campaign strategy and execution, but have a regular need for some content marketing, graphic design or website support. 

We 100% recommend clients use HubSpot Marketing and Sales. Even for large organizations, HubSpot is an easier to use and customize CRM with powerful marketing tools and reporting. For clients that don’t want to use HubSpot, we will do our best to use existing systems or recommend comparably priced systems that we can use.  

For websites, our team has WordPress expertise but is also certified in HubSpot CRM. If your site is built in a different system, we can bring in a web development partner to help. 

For clients who have Agile Retainers, we set-up real-time dashboards and send reports once a month. We do a deeper analysis of your campaign data quarterly ahead of planning another 90-day cycle. For clients that are not in an agile retainer, we can do audits and pull together recommendations as a project. 

It depends on the amount of research we do before we make a strategy recommendation. For projects with focus groups, surveys, interviews, and secondary research, brand strategy can last 6 months. For projects with only workshops, strategy can last 2-3 months. Brand execution also varies depending on the number of materials we’re rolling out. Visual design and logo projects coupled with brand messaging creation typically last 2-3 months. 

Speed of results from your marketing campaigns are directly correlated to the amount of work we can complete for you each month. Larger agile retainers mean go-to-market happens faster and iteration and optimization can happen more often. Typically, our clients complete discovery, strategy, planning and implementation in the first 90 days and have campaigns activated the second 90 days. We normally see website traffic increase in the first 90 days of a live campaign and see sales traction by month 6. After one year, typically the size of the sales funnel doubles and you see twice as much traction at the same budget as you did the year before.  

No, we don’t offer any guarantees. Marketing success hinges on a company’s ability to live out their brand purpose or promise, hire and retainer great experts and have a solid sales process. However, our retainer contracts are only 90-days long and you can adjust your budget with us every 90 days as well. 

Website projects vary in length depending on the complexity and size of the website. Most small website projects take about 3-4 months, and larger projects usually are not shorter than six months. The biggest variable in website projects is the development and approval of website content. 

Why, yes you can! Jessica has keynote topics for HubSpot, Brand Strategy, B2B Marketing and B2G Marketing. If you’re interested in hiring her for your next event, you can download her speaker’s kit here and contact her via info@hotdogpr.com. 

Do you think we might be exactly what you’re looking for? If so, visit our contact us page and fill out our form. You’ll receive an email with some more information about our company and a link to schedule your free initial consultation. Initial consultations are usually only 30 minutes and we’re using that time to make sure we’re going to be a good fit to solve your marketing challenges. If we are, then we’ll schedule a longer discovery meeting with our team and yours to unpack some solutions and narrow in on a budget for a proposal.