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Where are your clicks going? Let’s Talk about Landing Pages

I’ve been talking about landing pages with a few clients recently, and I came across this video from Google Adwords about getting the most out of your landing page. The three principles discussed in the video apply to all landing pages – whether you’re selling a product online, promoting a special, or just trying to collect more followers. Anytime anyone clicks on anything you’re putting out there (whether through ads or social media), it should take him or her to a place specific to your business and makes your ultimate goal easy for the visitor to accomplish.

Three tips from the video:

  • Is the page featuring what you’re promoting?
  • Can people easily find what they’re looking for?
  • What do you want them to do when they get to your website? Include a call to action.

Click here to watch the video.


Update: 5/25/12

Thanks to our fellow members at the Austin Chamber for contributing to the discussion this month.

Jonah Kaufman from Biz Amp sent over these two great articles:

Highlights from The Conversion Scientist Article on why landing pages are important gets right to the point:

1. Landing Pages will make you more successful by generating more leads, sales and business.

2. Landing Pages will make your visitors love you more. There is no better brand experience that finding what you’re looking for.

3. Landing Pages will cut the cost of your advertising by increasing your conversion rates. As the cost of generating new clients, you can put more into your advertising.

4. Landing Pages will keep me from ranting about landing pages

Another wonderful contribution comes from Katherine Rulz who wrote:
“If I may offer: please think of mobile clients when creating a landing page or simply make sure that you have a mobile optimized website that also provides a quick call to action – people convert much faster on mobile and there are more opportunities to quickly grow social networks or build customer databases.”

Katherine is the co-founder of YoMobi.com, a DIY mobile website builder.