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Using Pinterest to Market Your Business

There’s a great (and beautiful) article featured in Entrepreneur Magazine about using Pinterest to market your business. The intro paragraph brings up a good question. Not everyone needs to be jumping on the Pinterest bandwagon just because it’s there. What kind of businesses can benefit from having a picture-pinning profile on Pinterest? (Say that five times fast!)

If you serve or work in these industries, it might be time to start pinning:

  • Beauty industry businesses – not only can you pin pictures from your site on Pinterest to market before and afters, but you can pin pictures of celebrities using your product or who have had a similar service. A great way to market your expertise is to pin pictures from your blog or other partner’s sites.
  • Real Estate or Interior Design – another great industry that really relies a great deal on attractive pictures. You can pin pictures of great design ideas or info about a desirable neighborhood in which you have a house to sell.
  • Restaurants/Caters/Bakers –  People shopping around for entertaining ideas are lightly to look through pictures of food. Wouldn’t it be nice if they stumbled upon your pictures? Foodies are known for their rampant use of the internet to account their foodies adventures. Make pictures of your appetizing delights available on your website and on your Pinterest boards so they can find you.
  • Craft Stores/Those marketing DIY – If you sell or market to people who are handy with a glue gun or a hammer, Pinterest might be a good way to make yourself a resource for project inspirations and lessons. If they consider your a good resource, they’re likely to think highly of your brand and products.
  • Fashion – Clothing stores should be pinning trends and articles about colors and seasonal looks. No doubt about it, a great catalog of fashion-forward ideas might intrigue that fashionista to come to your store to find those trends.
  • Publishing – what a great way to promote your advertisers and add more pictures that relate to the stories in your publications.

Yes, we have a Pinterest account. Though, I think these are better examples of Pinterest boards:

So, are you ready for Pinterest account? Just like everything else – you need to keep it up-to-date, use it consistently, and be relevant! Happy pinning!