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An Attitude of Gratitude: Why Do We Work with Small Businesses?

In light of the Holiday season and as the newest addition to the Hot Dog team, it was only fitting for me to get with our top dog, Jessica Scanlon and really learn the backstory as to why we work with small businesses, in order to express our gratitude for them. One warm and fuzzy interview quest later, my mission was accomplished!


The History of Hot Dog Marketing:

After working for large corporations as a Marketing and Communications expert, Jessica decided that her talents and desires were best suited to help local businesses succeed and flourish.

“My mission is to help amazing people do good work and in the process, achieve their goals and dreams.”

And thus, Hot Dog Marketing was born. What started out as very small but mighty agency has now grown into still small but even mightier team of nine hardworking members with the same vision. Over the past five years, Hot Dog has served 250+ small business clients with no intent of stopping anytime soon!

The Best Part of Working with Small Businesses Is:

Still on my quest to learn more about the Hot Dog background, I asked Jessica what her favorite part about working with small businesses is – and go figure, it’s my favorite too!

“The best part about working with small businesses is the ability to make a big impact quickly. We offer services that our clients value because they are so often busy doing everything else, that they do not have the time and resources to do the services we offer. Lastly, it is so rewarding and so much fun to make our client’s projects polished and complete.”

We love helping our clients reach their dreams. We work with small businesses because we know we are helping good people who just need that extra help themselves.

Our Favorite Client Memory:

Though this memory preceded my arrival at Hot Dog, I can understand why it is a favorite. When asked what her favorite memory has been so far, Jessica responded with the first time Hot Dog showed Healthworks Ergonomics their branding. The emotional reaction from both client and staff was very apparent and very special.

We however have an abundance of these memories. Our clients make what we do enjoyable, rewarding, and so much fun. So thank you to all of our past, current, and future clients. We can’t express how much gratitude we have for all of you, every time of year, not just during this season of thankfulness.

Curious about our previous work and the amazing clients we’ve had so far? Check out our portfolio here. In addition, if you’re a small business owner who just needs that extra help because you’re too busy yourself, chat with us! We might be a group of Hot Dogs, but we promise we will never bite. 🙂