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Finding Your Brand’s Voice

I think it’s fair to say that we can all get bored with feeding a constant stream of generic content to social media and to websites. While you might be checking “content marketing” off your list, if you’re feeling that snore coming on, so is your audience.

I have to admit that I have struggled to stay in love with my business. Like anything else, some days it feels more like a job than a passion. I think one of the ways to remain in a good relationship with your brand is to breathe a little life into the content. Since I am the Hot Dog, the life I’m breathing into my blog is my own!

You can do the same thing, and I think you’ll find your passion for your business renewed and your followers growing. People like to follow other people. If your brand is dull as hell, no one is going to care, but if your brand is an extension of a character with a personality, suddenly people are listening.