Your Quarterly Marketing Checklist

Hey Gang! We’re starting the second half of the year now, and it’s a good time to examine your marketing plan and see how you’re doing. If you don’t have a marketing plan, check out these free templates.

Branding and Branded Materials

  • Do you have enough business cards for your upcoming networking and events?
  • Have you changed anything about your services that would require redoing or reprinting any marketing materials you have?
  • Do you need to change your prices on any printed materials?
  • Are you able to get those new marketing materials you’ve been saving up for?

Social Media and Content Marketing

  • How often were you able to post on your website?
  • Did you consistently post to social media, interact with followers, and send out great, useful info?
  • If you’re tracking analytics, did you see any spikes in visits?
  • If you’re not getting the traction you need, should you consider paid social media advertising?
  • Did you have a hard time managing this aspect? Is it time to get help?

Traditional Advertising

  • Did you get enough ROI (return on investment) with your paid advertisements?
  • Did you track what sales your advertisements brought in effectively?
  • Are you planning any late year advertising for the holiday season? September is usually the latest to make those arrangements.


  • Do you need to update services and pricing on your website?
  • Are you ready to add pages or upgrade the look and feel of your website?
  • Do you need purchase additional domain names to point to your website?
  • Are Google and other search engines picking up on it?
  • Do you have your appropriate online directories updated with the right web link and latest information?
  • Is it time to consider online advertising?

Public Relations and Traditional Communication

  • Do you have enough thank you cards to thank your clients/customers for the rest of the year?
  • Do you have events or appearances coming up in the second half of the year that you need to plan press releases and media notifications for?
  • Do you have the support you need for your upcoming events?
  • Do you have the necessary marketing materials for your upcoming events?
  • Have you updated your website with pictures and news from your past events/appearances?

Hopefully by answering these questions, you’ve gotten an idea of what you’ll need to focus on in the third quarter. Don’t know where to start with your plan? We have a list of our favorite free templates here. If you have questions or need help with any or all of your marketing plan, let us know.