2016 Marketing is Going to Be Bright
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2016 is Going to Be Bright!

2016 Marketing is Going to Be Bright

A New Year’s Note from the CEO

In 2012 when I left corporate America for the heartache and tremendous joy of small business ownership, I couldn’t have predicted how everything would pan out. I was a solo marketer trying on many hats for my clients. I attended every networking event I could find, shook many hands, and drank many cups of coffee.

In 2013, I was blessed to have my sweet sweet daughter. She changed the game completely. She forced me to look for help and THANK GOD! Hot Dog Marketing has really taken off since then. We now have a small staff of hard working experts serving our 200+ small business clients with online marketing services and creative design services. Our reputation and our great client referrals are providing rewarding work and unlimited career potential for our team who are looking to grow as the company grows.

Thank you! You don’t know how much your trust in us means.

2016 is going to be a banner year for us. While each year prior has started with some level of uncertainty about how things would play out, I couldn’t be more excited for the new year. I’m so in love with our team and confident in our ability to deliver that I’m giddy. Here’s a preview of what we have in-store in 2016:

A Dedicated Focus on Client Retention

We love our clients. In 2016, we’re planning to do more to let them know how much we love them. Watch out for more information on these plans in 2016!

More Affordable Websites!

This is going to be huge! We’re rolling out websites by subscription. For a low set-up fee that is 50% to 75% cheaper than what you’d pay an agency for a website build-out, we’ll build your site and then host it and maintain it for you at a low monthly rate. Now you can have the website of your dreams! Read more about that here.


We’ve always done great content management and creative online marketing work for our clients, but we’ve now offering honest and transparent technical search engine optimization to our clients. From new websites to ongoing SEO support, we’re now the team that can meet all of your needs. Read more about that here.

A Larger Investment in Employee Development

As you can probably guess, the marketing world is always shifting and keeping up with trends is important so we can pass on that expertise to our clients. It’s not a job left only to me any longer. We’re making a team commitment to ongoing professional development.

Concentrating on our Core Values

Our team gathered for a special day before the end of the year to map out our core values and work together to reposition our messaging. Here’s what we’re committing to:

  • We want you to feel like you’re the most important client.
    You’re probably aware that we don’t stay in business because we have just one client, but our mission is to make you feel like your project is top-of-mind.
  • We hope you’re engaged in the process.
    We invest heavily in our systems and prioritize client communication. We do this because we want you to feel relieved of the stress of “having to do everything.” We want you to be excited about the work that is getting done, and we want you to be delighted by the results.
  • We strive to be one of your best resources.
    Not only do we work to keep your brand relevant, we hope to keep you up-to-date with the latest information. We want to teach you as much as we can, provide networking opportunities and give you resources when needed. We will take a little extra time to teach you something new if that means we’re contributing to your business’s success.

What are your plans for 2016? What are you most excited about? Scared about? We’d love to hear from you!

With much thankfulness in my heart,