5 Tips: Five Types of Content B2B Service Businesses Should Be Creating Right Now

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We’re in uncharted territory.

Over the last two months, the world has undergone a dramatic shift to combat COVID-19, with measures ranging from closed schools, to shuttered businesses, to a vast migration to remote work. As a business, you may be struggling with online engagement, remote work, and leadership through a crisis, and may not feel that you have any time left over to put words on a page. But it’s now that the message you send to your clients matters more than ever


Even if it’s just a quick message on social media or an email detailing changes in your business, a little content marketing can go a long way in times like these.

Here are five types of content B2B service businesses can harness in order to adapt to these challenging times:

The Essential Status Update

If you haven’t already, address the situation and let your customers know how you’re adapting to COVID-19. An email blast, a message on your website, or even a virtual town hall are all great ways to get the word out and let your clients know that you’re still around and here to help them. Make sure to post this status update on social media, too, in order to get the largest audience for this essential update.

The Gift of Information

Right now, a growing number of brands are taking the opportunity to bolster their educational archives. Zoom, for instance, has put out a comprehensive library of resources for using their software, remote work, and hosting virtual events, helping to educate those who are new to their service. See if you can tap into your own internal resources and put together a library like this for your clients to use during this time.

The Look Inside

Is your business impacted by the shutdowns? This is a great time to build rapport with your clients and share your struggle. Shoot a quick video on your phone about how it’s impacting you, and whether your business will remain functional remotely. Giving a quick peek behind the curtain at the inner workings of your business shows that you’re only human, and that you’re going through the same struggles as your clients.

The Distraction Piece

Let’s be real here: We’re all inundated with the latest news, the next worst thing going on in the world, and sometimes all we want, as humans, is a break. Some of the best content that’s come out during this time are things that haven’t had anything to do with COVID-19 at all—like DoubleTree’s signature cookie recipe. This brand is offering everyone something fun that anyone can do at home, without dwelling on the reasons why we’re all stuck at home. You can do something similar for your business by writing a short blog on something your clients might appreciate as a distraction from everything else going on in their lives.   

A Glimpse Into the Future

These are strange and troubling times, but they won’t last forever. What will your business look like in the post-crisis world? If you’ve shifted to a remote model—and perhaps decided to keep it that way—let your clients know. Content like this makes a great “thinkpiece” or long-form blog, where you write from the heart. Tell your story and how this time will change you, without holding back.

When everything is uncertain, your clients want to know that they can count on you to be a reliable source of relevant information. So, don’t stay quiet when the going gets tough—use this time to write, video, and reach out. If you need help creating timely content during this crisis, we can help. For more information, check out our new series Zig When They Zag: Resources to encourage a growth mindset in uncertain times.

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