5 Ways to Stay In-Front of Your Audience Online

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As the whole world shelters in place, the internet has been the one thing to bring everyone together. Whether to communicate with friends and loved ones, to learn and gain information, or to simply entertain, technology has played a major role in this time and has become a part of our everyday lives. For many businesses, the well-known face to face sale has been replaced by online shops and delivered products, while service-based companies are having to find ways to shift their focus or book appointments for the hopeful future. Whatever the case, it’s imperative your business stays in front of your audience, here are five ways to make sure that happens.

Don’t Pause Your Marketing, Shift Its Focus

As many businesses look for ways to cut costs, it’s important for marketing to continue so you can keep your business in front of your target audience. This will, in turn, continue brand awareness and communication with your audience and customers because if you let your brand presence slip away it’s harder to recover.

Instead of pausing your marketing, switch its focus to either services you can still sell and profit from or things that can be booked for the future, to give people something to look forward to and keep your business in mind for when things get back to normal.  Also, as many decide to pause their spending on advertising, you may gain more exposure in your industry, bringing your brand to the forefront even more.

A Responsive and User-Friendly Website is A Necessity

As people move to the internet, having a responsive and user-friendly website is key to keeping your audience on your website pages for longer and ultimately gaining a lead. Have important messages, relevant services, and tools easy to find and regularly updated, and tie everything together with a consistent brand so users know you are a reliable source of information with the most up to date resources.

Make Use of Technology and Go Virtual

Although we can no longer be present at large gatherings, events, and meetings, there are still many virtual ways to get your voice out to your prospective clients and customers. So, pull out that tripod and record video content like live streams for tutorials, webinars, podcasts, and anything else you can think of recording that would be helpful or entertaining to your audience.

Keep Everyone Up to Date With New and Engaging Content

Spend that extra time you may have wisely and offer expert advice and content to your audience by writing blogs to help keep everyone up to date on your services and giving them advice and information they can’t find anywhere else.

Use your email newsletters and your subscriber lists for easy communication to past present and potential clients. Let your audience know what’s going on and remember to send out critical information so everyone is up to date on things like hour changes, ways to contact, and customer safety.

Get In-Front of Your Audience on Social Media

If you haven’t thought of increasing your business’s presence on social media, now may be the best time to do so. Not only is everyone stuck at home endlessly scrolling through their many timelines and platforms, but social media has now become an important place for people to stay in touch and communicate.

Stopping the repetitive scroll can be hard but giving the right content can aid in your audience stopping to look at your page. You can share relevant news for your industry and put out timely information on a daily basis! And don’t forget to add more informational and entertaining pieces to your messaging and don’t be afraid to use multimedia to get it across! Remember to link back to relevant webpages on your website to further your brand awareness and keep users going back to your business as a reliable source.

By putting these tips into practice you can increase your brand recall and have long term customers for years to come. Staying in front of your audience keeps your brand awareness up and shows that you care, even in tough times.  Need help staying in front of your online audience? Take a look at our services to help you move forward, while others remain stagnant.

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