Leadership in a Crisis: Forgiving Yourself and Communication

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It’s essential to not only think about your business but your customers and clients as well and what they may be going through at this time.

Sit down with our Founder, Jessica Scanlon, and Strategy Director, Kevin Ring, in their first Blogcast: Leadership in a Crisis: Forgiving Yourself and Communication, and gain some insight on how you can be a better leader in a crisis situation.

Crisis communication varies so much from your normal messaging because it tends to cause some sort of disruption in the business or community, so having specific messaging to bring everyone together, show your support and show how your business is doing its part in the community is essential to keeping that personal touch with clients and customers.

Check back soon to hear part two of Leadership in a Crisis, with a focus on community leadership! But until then, take a look at our resources to encourage a growth mindset in uncertain times.

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