Yes, Email Marketing is Still Important for Your Digital Marketing Strategy


With new forms of digital marketing popping out of the woodwork all the time, many may wonder if using email marketing campaigns are still a need. According to Constant Contact, email can be almost 40 times more effective than Twitter and Facebook combined. Email marketing campaigns build credibility for your business, as well as improve your relationship with clients and customers.

Email Marketing Combines All the Important Stuff in One Place

Using email newsletters is effective in allowing your subscribers to stay updated on everything going on with your company. Whether you use the platform to give simple updates or to showcase exciting news, email marketing allows an opportunity for interactivity. Links and photos, as well as an opportunity to use gifs and showcase videos, allow a more immersive experience.

Email marketing can also help build your company’s brand. Use it to strengthen brand recognition and enhance your clients’ loyalty.

Keep Followers Informed with Email Marketing

Emails aren’t just a way to sell to newbies, they keep your clients and customers effectively informed about the goings-on in your business. When someone opens your email, you have their attention and are not competing with other posts or ads. Your subscribers are able to open and read their emails when it’s convenient for them. This allows more time to digest the content, rather than simply ‘liking’ a post and then moving on.

Everyone Checks Their Emails

According to this 2016 Email Statistics report by Radicati, email will be used by around 3 billion people by next year. This means pretty much every client, customer and lead has an active email account.

With everyone always on their phones and having active notifications for messages, they will be notified each time you reach out. That’s why many decide to use email marketing for sales, important news, and monthly updates. Mediapost mentioned that over the past 5 years, email messages opened on a mobile device have doubled. With mobile opens becoming a large percentage of email opens, it’s important that your email marketing is optimized for mobile devices.

Communication between businesses also relies heavily upon email. It is seen as a reliable form of communication and is universally used, no matter the country or industry of origin.

Email Integrates with Other Forms of Marketing

Email marketing is a companion to your other forms of digital marketing, allowing integration with other platforms. This can provide better click-through rates on your website. You can cross-promote as well for more engagement on your social media channels.

When Social Media is Down, Email Marketing Reigns Supreme

The great Facebook blackout of 2019 happened just a few weeks ago. With Facebook and Instagram down, companies worldwide realized their marketing efforts shouldn’t focus solely on these platforms. According to MarketingLand, this most recent blackout was the longest in history. Imagine you need to let all of your followers and customers know that Ed Sheeran popped in your shop and is now giving an impromptu concert in your lobby? But Facebook is down! How will you reach them immediately?  With email marketing in place, you can rest assured that your audience will flock to your location for ballads galore.

Many that rely almost exclusively on Facebook and Instagram for advertising took a big hit during the downtime. The outage found them going from thousands of leads the day before to zero until the resolution of the technical problems.

Small businesses and corporations rely on email marketing as an effective digital marketing tool. It works to expand your audience and form a relationship with existing and potential clients. This direct messaging tool is also an efficient way to get the word out and keep your customers informed!

You don’t have the time to plan a monthly email newsletter? Or are you unsure where to start to get the most out of your email marketing platforms? The team at Hot Dog Marketing is here to help with our digital marketing services!