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Leveling Up Your Image: Texas Lawn Sense

Landscaping was not just a hobby or second income for Chris Sypniewski. His company, Texas Lawn Sense, did so much more for homeowners in Georgetown, Texas who wanted their lawns to be an extension of their beautiful homes: landscaping, planning, and evaluations. Chris wanted to reach people who really cared about their landscapes and show that his team provided higher-end services.

But, he had a big problem: his website still looked like he was a lone guy with a lawn mower.

A website that reflected his professionalism

In an industry that is known for lo-fi marketing and business relationships, Chris wanted to create a clean, beautiful website with a logo that stood out as elegant. He wanted to connect with clients the way they were used to connecting: not with flyers jammed in the front door, but online.

That’s where Hot Dog Marketing helped Chris. We know that to attract a higher-end customer, you need to have excellent service that is illustrated on your website.

We created a clean, beautiful website for Texas Lawn Sense that truly reflected its brand, and we feature Chris’s three key values of doing business.

“At Texas Lawn Sense:

1. We employ only the best
2. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction
3. We do the right thing – always”

These days, no one is confused about whether Texas Lawn Sense is professional or not. It’s obvious!

Ready to level up your image? Talk to us about a digital makeover.