How B2B Businesses can Create Great Video Content

As the B2B marketing landscape evolves, it is empowering to position your brand as one that understands its audience. DIY content marketing allows businesses to demonstrate transparency, build brand awareness, and connect with their target audience. The key to successful B2B content is to address potential buyers’ pain points and challenges, offering compelling insights into how your company can provide solutions.  

Understanding Your Target Audience and Buyer Persona 

When developing DIY content, the only way to ensure its effectiveness is to know the audience for which you are designing it. The products of your content creation can only be relevant to your brand if you know what eyes are seeing your posts.  

Understanding your buyer persona and what they want to see from your brand is how you create video content that resonates with the consumers you seek to draw in. By knowing who you want to market to, you can ensure your brand is seen by the eyes most likely to partner with your company.  

Not all video content is booming, and when trends on a content platform point to success for businesses, it can help them follow suit. By keeping an eye on trends and the content that goes viral, you stay up to date with trends that can breathe success into your company. 

Viral content works because it is entertaining and personable, showing you know what appeals to your marketing audience. Shifting the video content you produce to align with media that appeal to a broader audience gets your brand out there in organic and successful ways. 

Knowing what videos succeed and understanding the type of content that trends help you organize and create resonating media that show you are not only with the times but you know what your clients want and do not want to see.  

Plan and Prepare for the Content You Produce 

Creating video content without preparing for it is like a disaster waiting to happen. If you want success from your content, it is best to know what content you want to grow, where you will produce it, and what equipment you need to create the videos you want to use for your brand.  

Having a set plan for the before-and-after stages of your video production sets you up for success when it comes to DIY video content. What you create for your business only works if you know how you will do it and what you will do with it. 

Setting Up Your Scene and Products 

Video content only succeeds if your setup works for the content you plan to produce. Pick a location and a backdrop and fix your lighting to suit your needs. Consider what camera angles work for the visuals you seek in your videos; think about the lighting and how it affects the visual appeal. 

Even further, research and use only the equipment that works well for the kind of content your brand produces. Below are some good camera and lighting options for amateur producers. 

  • Panasonic Lumix GH6 – The best video camera for most people.  
  • Sony ZV-E1 – The best video camera with AI shooting tools.  
  • Sony ZV-1 – The best premium compact for beginners. 
  • Softbox Lights – Alternative to natural lighting for a softer visual appeal 
  • Ring Lights – the go-to choice as the best lighting for video recording 

Along with products to help with content production, here are some software apps that support the fine-tuning elements of video production. 

  • Scriptbook – helps to check the script of your video content. 
  • Topaz Labs – an in-one Video Editing tool that AI powers 
  • Descript – cleans and enhances the audio for content you produce with light fixes, eye contact corrector and more.

But remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect. The idea that you have to have a flawless and professionally produced video holds many back from even starting, much less finishing a video. Your phone and ring light can do the job just fine, and the more human you seem, flaws and all, the more relatable your content can be.  

Remember to enjoy it, laugh at yourself, and laugh with your audience. Create a blooper reel and show people behind the scenes. Just be you. 

If you want help creating video content or want a professional to walk you through the first few to get a feel for it, we can help! Reach out here. 

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