Excellent Client Service
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How to Prioritize Excellent Client Service

How to Guarantee Success By Simply Talking With Your Client

Excellent Client Service

When you think of client services, you likely think of responding to unhappy customers and having to remedy their various conflicts. However, to truly understand client services and master the art, you need to get back to the basics and think about the root of what the job entails – communication. If you can maintain good communication with your client, there is no obstacle that cannot be overcome.

Layout clear expectations for both parties.

From the beginning of the client relationship to project completion, it is the client service manager’s job to ensure mutual understanding of the project at hand. Set clear expectations of what is expected from each person including from your team and from your client. Additionally, it is up to you to set the pace for communication. If you are consistent and reliable in your communication with the client, they will know when to expect to hear from you and will not feel like they need to check in because they feel uninformed. Even if it’s just sending an email to say another email is coming later, they will appreciate knowing that you care enough to send these little updates.

Be proactive, not reactive.

When you sense that something is not going as planned, your best bet is to update the customer right away. It may never develop into an issue, but you took the time to warn your customer of potential calamity and that shows great initiative. Transparency is extremely important if you want to show your clients that you are trustworthy. Being able to own up to your mistakes shows that you care more about the outcome for the client than your own personal gains. This applies to the evolving industry as well, as our resources and tools are changing rapidly. Keeping your customers well informed on the latest trends adds value to the relationship, which makes for a happy client.

Have your process, but be flexible.

After working in client services for some time, you will learn which processes work well and which need to be reshaped. Refining your process down to the last detail is a great way to ensure efficiency, but every client is unique and should be treated as such. The processes you have laid out may not work the same with every project, and that’s OK. Simplicity is the key to having procedures that work with a vast array of clientele. Think of your process as a blueprint and use it a guide to walk you through the project rather than as a specific rulebook. Your clients will appreciate that you are willing to work according to their needs and are not bound to one generic system.

Remember, the heart of client services is communication. Talk with your client – they love to hear from you and will be more comfortable in the relationship if they feel you are easily accessible to them. If you can keep in good contact with the client, I am confident that your business relationship will be beneficial for everyone. Looking for your next great business connection? We’d love to chat – schedule a coffee date here!


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