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SYSTEMseven is an internet service provider that has historically focused on small business clients. In the past, this company has excelled at sales and neglected marketing.

As SYSTEMseven moved into a larger market, they faced more opposition from large competitors. The need for strong brand recognition surfaced, but the company was hesitant to trust a marketing agency.

“We’re like the big telecom guys, except we’re local, things actually work, and someone is there when you call. You appreciate good service – and so do we. That’s why it’s a core value of our business.”

Building Recognition

Hot Dog Marketing created a brand identity that positioned SYSTEMseven as vastly different from the competition. Focusing on an edgy and humorous brand voice, we concentrated on their dedication to customer service and outstanding phone support.

We built recognition for their brand through social media and by providing new branded materials for events. We also developed a new website to reflect their unique brand identity.

“What’s with all the mullets?”

You know what they say about mullets – business up front and party in the back. We take our work seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Strategic Positioning

SYSTEMseven now has a brand and website they absolutely love. Strategically positioning SYSTEMseven has helped them stand out from the competition and gain a foothold in their market.

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