Case Study

Pruvan approached Hot Dog Marketing to help them solve for their next phase of growth. Initially, they approached the agency relationship seeking help with their digital marketing. After some work together, it became apparent that Pruvan was ready to refresh their branding and put together a new strategy.

Hot Dog Marketing worked with Pruvan developing a growth strategy, brand positioning, identify key personas, messaging and a refreshed visual identity. During the course of the strategy work, it became evident that a pricing structure that offered a freemium and good, better, best model would be beneficial to the Pruvan strategy. After the strategy project, Hot Dog Marketing planned and executed a custom website project.

The work done on the website helped to reframe the target market for Pruvan and create a message that resonates with their audience. A new color palette and approach was taken on the new site design to create a more engaging and tech-forward experience.

After the new site was launched, Pruvan was acquired, alongside their main competitor and another technology company in their marketplace. With this comes the need for new strategy, persona identification and consolidated messaging, as well as website strategy and positioning in the market with the strengths of all of the acquired companies at the forefront. The Pruvan team is currently working with Hot Dog Marketing under their new ownership to create a refreshed go-to-market strategy.

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