Bella Salon
Case Study


Bella Salon is a hair and beauty salon with a history of cultural relevance. The salon was a hotspot for celebrities. In the past, the personality of the founder constituted the salon’s brand.

When ownership changed hands, the salon lost some of its relevance and luster. Without the figurehead, the business needed to build the strength of its brand to stand on its own and drive growth.

Productive Channels

Initially interested in only digital marketing services with Hot Dog Marketing, Bella Salon decided to allow us to build it a new website as well.

Hot Dog Marketing launched a digital marketing strategy that leveraged Bella Salon’s existing ad spend in smarter, more productive channels.

20% Growth in Sales

Bella Salon saw a 20% growth in sales within six months of launching its new digital marketing strategy.

Action Plan

Bella Salon has a plan in action to recapture its former glory through digital marketing and a new website. The existing brand can now strategically reach its target audience through practical methods.

Check out the live site.

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