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7 Marketing Tools We’re Thankful For

digital marketing tools

There are likely hundreds of digital marketing tools and social media marketing tools available. How does someone even begin to sort through all of them and ultimately choose which marketing tools to use on a daily basis? Every day, we use numerous marketing tools to measure our clients’ success through marketing. We’ve tried many tools and found a few that stick with us today, for which we are very appreciative. With Thanksgiving nearly upon us, we’d like to give thanks to the marketing tools that have helped us (and our clients). If you’re looking for marketing tools to use in your business, check these out.

1. Google Analytics

If you aren’t already familiar with Google Analytics, we’ll be kind enough to share some insight. Google Analytics is one of the most popular web analytics applications out there. It measures the performance of your website, data on your visitors and customers, traffic sources, engagement reports, and much more. Google Analytics gives you an overview of how your website is performing. It works by embedding a small piece of code onto your website, then tracking how users interact with the site. It can even track actions users take such as page views, scroll depth, and button clicks. You don’t need to be a web developer to implement Google Analytics and start tracking your website’s performance.

2. Databox

We recently began using this incredible reporting tool called Databox. It has proven to be a neat all-in-one business dashboard to measure many kinds of analytics – from social media to an overview of Google Analytics. You can connect almost any digital platform to your dashboard (social media, Google analytics, SEO, email marketing data, etc) and create a customized dashboard based on what you’d like to report. Then automate your reports to go out however often you’d like. Databox will send you a snapshot of how your various marketing channels are performing with the key metrics you chose highlighted and easy to read.

3. Moz

Through Moz, digital marketers can help businesses by completing and providing SEO audits, website crawl reports, keyword research, rank tracking, and more. With the tools Moz provides, our digital marketing team improves website rank, search engine optimization, and identifies which keywords are most beneficial to attract target audiences. Moz has been around for a long time and it’s often considered one of the original SEO tools in the industry.

4. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is our scheduling hero! We schedule the majority of our clients’ social media, as well as our Hot Dog Marketing posts, through Hootsuite. With this platform, we also monitor what audiences are saying about a particular business or topic and it allows us to shorten links when posting articles to a social page, which gives posts a cleaner look, rather than having a really long URL at the end of a post. Hootsuite even includes analytics!

5. Canva

Even though Hot Dog Marketing has its own creative department, our digital marketers sometimes like to create quick, fun graphics for social media when needed. Canva is a great design tool we use when we want to create a graphic quickly and easily. Canva provides many different templates for all types of platforms, which can come in handy when you need to create a graphic for stellar engagement.

6. SEMrush

ess-ee-em – rush or sem – rush? I’m not sure exactly how to pronounce it but this tool runs the gamut when it comes to SEO analytics (and even recommendations). SEMrush is an incredible tool to analyze on-page SEO, perform a site audit, SEO and content writing guide, and track your web traffic analytics. Curious what words your website ranks for and if any of those have SERP features? SEMrush can tell you.

7. Mailchimp

With their super cute mascot and easy-to-use integrated email platform, Mailchimp has become the go-to email marketing solution for Hot Dog Marketing’s email marketing needs. The templates make it as simple or as complicated as you want it to be to create your own professional email campaigns.

8. HubSpot

Never heard of HubSpot? Don’t worry, it’s often behind the scenes, not front and center. HubSpot is a marketing automation tool that captures user data, automates sending emails, and keeps track of your contacts, projects, and deals. This comprehensive platform makes creating purchasing journeys simple.

New marketing tools are developed and hurled out into the universe all the time. We’re thankful to have found the best marketing tools for Hot Dog Marketing and our clients. Which marketing tools are you most thankful for? Share in the comments below! If you’d like to know more about these marketing tools and how Hot Dog Marketing helps small businesses, let’s chat!