What is Brand: Part 2: Value Proposition

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What do customers value from your company?

In this episode, Jessica Scanlon and Kevin Ring talk about the value proposition aspect of a company’s brand. The value proposition is the equation between what the customer needs to be done and what your company does. This is a follow-up episode to What is Brand: Values, Mission, and Purpose.

A value proposition is not just meeting the needs of the customer, it’s creating an experience and delivering it. It’s bringing the customer into the better future that they desire. 

Knowing where you can deliver the most value helps you craft a marketing message that communicates that to your audience. With that message, your customer understands exactly what it is that you offer and how it aligns with their needs.

Bridging the Communication Gap

Kevin describes an example of missing the mark with messaging like taking care of household chores. We’ve all probably experienced the event where one person’s definition of a chore being completed differs from the other person’s. This miscommunication leads to misunderstanding and frustration.

Jessica translates this to the business world where business owners may think they know and understand what the customer wants and values, but their audience interprets their messaging or value proposition differently.

How to Know When Your Value Proposition Messaging is Off:

  • Your sales team has to spend much time explaining your product or services to leads.
  • Incoming leads aren’t qualified
  • Too many leads are turning away because they’re initial understanding of your product or service was misaligned

Get to Know Your Customer

Get to know your customer and how they think about your company. This can be difficult because customers will likely hold a bias when communicating directly with you. Bringing in a third party to conduct surveys and interviews can eliminate that bias and provide genuine, helpful feedback.

Bottom Line: Know What You Do For Your Customer

Instead of guessing and testing, smart marketing homes in on your specific audience with a compelling, specific message based on customer feedback. This significantly improves the impact your marketing makes on your audience, driving more, better-qualified leads.


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