How to Thrive in a Slowdown: Know Your Best Customer

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Do you know the best customer for your business?

As Jessica mentions in this new blogcast, there’s no way you help everyone well, so you need to discover who your best client is.

Even if you are in the same industry as a competitor, your ideal customer may look completely different than the one’s  they want to bring in.  And when you find that divide, you can discover the identity of your best clients so that you can grow your business in the direction you deem fit.

Our Zig When They Zag series has been focusing on how you as a business owner can be the most productive in this challenging time and how you can serve the market well so that when the economy returns back to a growth stage, you will be well-positioned to accelerate on the work that you are already doing.

The newest blogcast in our series, How to Thrive in a Slowdown: Know Your Best Customer, helps you to be sure you are serving the right market by showing you how you can identify and get to know your ideal client.

Jessica and Kevin break this process down in three sections: What exactly is an ideal customer? Subjective ways to narrow your customer down and specific ways to validate that you narrowed it down to the right one.

An ideal customer is a customer that values what you do. So it’s necessary that you go through the process of identifying what you are best at, then figuring out how that creates value for your client.

In this process you want to understand the clients that you have the biggest impact on and the ones that you have created the biggest transformations for. Once you have that figured out, you can then move onto narrowing this list down by maybe identifying the circumstances in which you do your best work and who values that.

After weeding that list down you can then validate that you identified the correct ideal client and say that you ultimately know your best customer.

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