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How to Position Your SaaS Company as the Expert With Content Marketing


Content marketing is a powerful tool for SaaS companies to help them be the go-to resource for their customers and potential customers. Content marketing involves producing content on a regular basis that will appeal to your target audience – in this case, your SaaS product users. This blog post covers what content marketing is and why SaaS companies should use it while also providing some tips on how to get started with content marketing.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a type of marketing strategy that involves creating and sharing valuable, relevant content to acquire and retain customers. SaaS companies should use content marketing in their strategy to position themselves as experts in their field while also providing helpful tips for free on how potential customers can use their products.

Contrast this with the approach a company with a traditional business model might use. In the old days, most companies sold products that were one-time purchases (cars, clothing, and even software products). Traditional advertising was the gold standard because purchases were only thought of as single encounters. However, with a subscription-based model, SaaS companies need to continuously engage customers to keep them interested in and using their products.

Why Content Marketing Matters for SaaS Companies

Content marketing is an excellent way for SaaS companies to connect with potential and current customers. Two primary reasons to employ content marketing are:

  1. It positions your company as the expert in a field.
  2. It builds trust with your audience.

By using content, SaaS companies can establish credibility and appear as the obvious choice, leading to higher conversions rates (more sales).

Additionally, your content pieces can be used across different channels such as email newsletters or social media posts that keep the customer engaged on an ongoing basis. Did your CEO have a great interview with an industry media source? Fantastic! Use quotes in social media posts, write a blog about the interview, post a link to the video on LinkedIn. Even better if the interview is highlighting a specific product or feature. A quote or clip can then be repurposed for the product page.

This engagement also helps a SaaS company stay top-of-mind if prospects have questions about SaaS products before making their decision.

What Content Marketing Looks Like in Action 

To show how effective content marketing can be for SaaS companies, here are two examples of successful campaigns:

1 HubSpot


HubSpot is a SaaS CRM product focused on inbound marketing that produces tons of blogs and ebooks on all things digital marketing. Their content attracts tons of viewers and is widely shared across social media platforms. It’s clear that content marketing is a major strategy for them because of the plethora of content on their website. Want to learn just about anything in digital marketing? HubSpot has a blog about it.

2 Linode


Linode is a cloud hosting company, so they’re very familiar with information technology. They commissioned a report comparing the price and performance of GPUs (one of the products they offer). They then released this report as a massive, informative piece of content. This report helped position them as trustworthy (Linode’s products weren’t #1 in every category) and experts (they know what goes into their products and what their customers value in them).

6 Ways to Use Content Marketing for Your SaaS Company

  1. Blogging
  2. Social media – getting influencers involved in a campaign can expand your reach and grow your audience.
  3. Creating and sharing ebooks, whitepapers, reports, etc.
  4. Podcasts – gaining in popularity because listeners can consume content while multitasking. This makes for a great way to repurpose a blog or vice versa.
  5. Video series – can be fun or informative.
  6. Online courses – these are great to ensure that your users are using your product to its full capacity, making them more likely to continue using it.
  7. And so much more.


When it comes to SaaS companies, content marketing is a powerful tool. It builds trust with your potential customers and positions you as the industry expert so that people know who they should turn to when they have questions or need help. Content marketing also helps keep paying customers in the fold by keeping them up-to-date on new features and offering helpful advice about how best to use your product.

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