How B2B Businesses Can Use LinkedIn to Their Advantage

As we navigate another year of business-to-business (B2B) marketing, the strategies for connecting and communicating are constantly evolving.  

In this context, LinkedIn, with its unique features such as professional networking, content sharing, lead generation, and brand awareness, has emerged as a vital platform that fosters professional relationships and is pivotal in helping business growth.  

LinkedIn is the catalyst that connects and propels businesses toward success in the B2B marketing landscape.  

Building Brand Awareness: Your Reputation and Sharing It 

B2B marketers gain leverage using LinkedIn to share valuable content consistently. Building a brand can help gain more followers, increasing visibility and credibility.  

Highlighting your company’s reputation is the first step to success for your business. With growth, potential customers become even more likely to consider doing business with a brand when they see content that aligns with who they want to partner with. 

Building brand awareness to show your target audience who you are is critical in a constantly evolving marketing field. LinkedIn resources build connections and connections are the key to expanding your brand and your business.  

Connection in An Industry: Potential Contacts Potential Customers  

When over 57 million businesses have LinkedIn accounts, it’s not difficult to find your target audience. By setting up an attractive and relevant profile, your business can garner even more connections, reach out to potential customers, and make the sales you want. In a B2B marketing world, these connections can help you build your business.  

In B2B marketing, gathering contacts from your target market through marketing campaigns gives your sales team a leg up. Knowing a lead is qualified ahead of time and supplying contacts that can be reached on an ongoing basis is a big win for sales. More potential new clients in your pipeline spells success for your brand. 

Content Sharing: Sharing Who You Are to Who Cares 

Through LinkedIn, your company can share content like blog posts, articles, and promo videos that show who you are, your brand, and how your values as a business align with your clients. LinkedIn sets you up to create meeting opportunities and contacts interested in your brand. 

This tailored content-sharing sets you up for success when your brand and the content you develop receive recognition. 

Lead Generation: Like a Two-Way Mirror for Your Lead Information 

LinkedIn’s platform is built to facilitate features like Lead Generation Forms and provides detailed analytics for company pages. The platform creates a space where campaigns help produce quality leads directly from advertisements. LinkedIn makes the lead generation process seamless and lets you see if you are hitting the right targets or audience.  

In B2B marketing, collecting these leads helps you see the job title, seniority, and much more for the audience interacting with the content you’re creating. This information gives you the information you need to analyze what works and what doesn’t, resulting in more effective and impactful marketing campaigns. 

Use Your Data: Make the Most of the Information  

A crucial feature for LinkedIn users is how the site allows the upload of data from your email lists, customer relationship management (CRM) data, or other customer data to LinkedIn to aid in the creation of highly targeted ad campaigns.  

Also, when coupled with other platforms like HubSpot, the data uploaded to LinkedIn can be cross-applied. This further helps your business with assistance in ad management, email automation, and search engine optimization (SEO). Services that can help your business scale as you grow.  

You can do even more with the data, though, as the platform’s analytics tools allow you to track your campaigns’ performance and find areas for improvement. This helps optimize your campaigns and improve your return on investment (ROI)

Uploading data to LinkedIn can further reach individuals who have already shown an interest in your products or services. Besides uploading customer data, LinkedIn can track website visitors and retarget them based on what you want them to see and what they need to hear. 

If you’re interested in boosting your LinkedIn performance, reach out, and we’ll be happy to help with strategy and execution!

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