Hot Dog Marketing offers hands-on workshops to small business owners

Round Rock, Texas — Jessica Scanlon, CEO of Hot Dog Marketing, will be hosting a series of hands-on workshops beginning in June for regional small businesses looking to learn about online marketing tools and strategies.

HDM University, launching in June 2016, will offer different classes covering topics such as: WordPress, SEO, LinkedIn, Facebook advertising, and more. The mission is to empower small business owners with the knowledge to lead their own marketing initiatives.

“We’ve had a lot of demand from clients and friends of ours to provide some paid training in these different areas,” says Scanlon. “Our goal is always to empower small business owners so they can help themselves, and we hope that these classes can provide that to them.”

During the two hour sessions, small business owners will learn how to use online marketing and branding platforms in a highly productive, focused group setting. The classes provide hands-on curriculum and small class size and are designed to offer personalized attention so each student feels like they’ve walked away with a valuable lesson in online marketing.

The first workshop will focus on how to best use LinkedIn for small business marketing. Scanlon will share some best practices in optimizing LinkedIn profiles, writing posts to drive website traffic, starting a content calendar and developing plans for leveraging connections.

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Hot Dog Marketing, founded in 2008, is a small business marketing agency specializing in branding and digital marketing projects that return long-term value for clients. The team consists of a creative director that works on branding and design projects for clients and a digital marketing department dedicated to establishing and building an online presence for clients.