The Law Office of Ryan Deck
Case Study


The Law Office of Ryan Deck approached Hot Dog Marketing with interest in growing their social media and establishing brand awareness to become a trusted local source in Williamson County for criminal defense. The client began with almost no social presence. 


Hot Dog Marketing determined a strategy to increase brand awareness that fit within the budget and goals of The Law Office of Ryan Deck. The solution was to establish stronger local brand awareness through social media and social advertising campaigns with a crucial focus on video marketing. 

Since the client has a busy schedule and couldn’t take excessive amounts of time out for frequent video shoots, a long-form shoot was arranged that could be spliced into smaller segments later.  

Due to the proximity to the client’s office, it made sense to film the DUI campaign at a local bar in Downtown Round Rock. From there, Hot Dog Marketing was able to capture a video series from one morning of shooting and compiled the video for different social media outlets such as Instagram Reels, Facebook, and Twitter.   

To supplement other posts and create more attention for the brand, Hot Dog Marketing also created print resources as leave-behinds at local businesses.  Additionally, Hot Dog Marketing created a court guide to share with those who requested it in order to help those visiting the courthouse find their way and feel more confident in the process.


After working on the account for 11 months, 6,802 new users visited The Law Offices of Ryan Deck website. Below, we examined the time before we partnered with this law firm from July 2021 to July 2022. Our partnership began in September of 2021 where you can see a sudden spike in website traffic.

Most of these users came from the mobile version of Facebook, Google My Business, and some organic traffic from Google. 

When we examine the social media impact, short-form video performed tremendously well to increase engagement and traffic. There was a 12% growth on the client’s social media accounts with growth from 58 followers to 475 followers across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

For impactful social, a strategic content plan was rotated each cycle with short-form video, informative static posts, memes, testimonials, blog posts, and external sources like local news and crime statistics. The account maintained a humorous and relatable personality for this law firm, helping them stand out from other criminal defense attorneys in the area and present an approachable business. 

When considering social advertising, a low-cost approach was used as a low-cost solution to step into the advertising pool. These campaigns also served a targeted radius in Round Rock, Texas, the local community of the client. 

So far, two major campaigns have been run – one for DUI and the other for family violence charges. Both advertisements featured free legal advice from the attorney. Short-form video and insightful advice lacking in the local market resulted in a total of 49,093 engagements since the first campaign launch in September 2021. 

Let’s look at the industry average. According to WordStream, the industry average for law firms is 1.61% Click-Through Rate (CTR) and $1.32 Cost-Per-Click (CPC). 

Ryan Deck’s campaign performed with a CTR of 3.95% and a CPC of $0.31. 

A large portion of this success is the detailed targeting, personable and valuable short-form video, and engaging ad copy. 

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