Why Great Business Leaders Get Stuck on Marketing

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You’re probably wondering why we think that we can solve the marketing problems that you’ve been stumped on for ages. Problems that you’ve probably now deemed too big to solve.

Well, we’ve learned a thing or two on why business owners usually get stuck in their marketing efforts, and once you realize why your stuck, you can solve the problems in your way.

There are three reasons why great business leaders get stuck on marketing, and those are ignorance, incapacitation, and indecision.

When you have a Lack of Information

Ignorance in the topic of marketing could be a major player in you being stuck on the subject, as you simply don’t know enough or are blocked by unanswered questions. As an expert in your industry, we don’t expect you to have a ton of expertise or experience in all of the secondary supporting activities that businesses need to work. Being a business owner you probably are the sales or ideal person who knows how to communicate or how to create value but you aren’t sure how to communicate that value. Or, it could simply be you’re overwhelmed by all of the information that’s out there on marketing, and you don’t have the time to figure out the right marketing for you.

That’s where a marketing partner like us can help. We partner so you learn as we learn. We don’t know you and your expertise and we need to get to know you, your tone, and your brand so we can be an effective partner and as we learn we want you to learn from us, so we don’t want to hold things back.

So if you’re stuck, just ask for help, even if you don’t know what to ask or how to ask it, we are consultants and we’re here to help you put the pieces together so we can formulate a process.

There’s an Internal Blockage

When incapacitation comes into play, it prevents you from taking the next step, and your body naturally freezes up to keep itself safe.

In this blogcast, Kevin compares this internal blockage to cleaning out his garage. There are so many things with sentimental value that people may have in there garage, so thinking about cleaning up the area can seem overwhelming because of the emotional weight.

Even if you know what you can and should do to sit down and start can be overwhelming because risk can delay decision making because of emotional attachment to your business.

As a marketing agency, we have the benefit of not carrying that emotional weight but value the importance of your business and your goals, so we can sit and process through these things with you objectively.

When There’s an External Blockage

If there’s something holding you back that is out of your control, the process can get a little tricky, but it’s possible to get unstuck nonetheless.

In this situation, we can help business owners step back take a look at the big picture and say “what’s stopping me from moving forward?”

It’s important for business owners to realize that the hardest part may be starting the race and you don’t have to map out the whole course just recognize each roadblock as you approach it and figure out how to overcome it step by step.

Did any of these reasons resonate with you as to why your business may be stuck on marketing? Be sure to watch the blogcast above and listen in-depth as our Founder and or Director of Strategy help unravel these in more detail and remember to check back for our 14th blogcast episode!