Is Now the Right Time?

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Short answer: yes.

In this episode, Jessica Scanlon and Kevin Ring talk about knowing when the right time is to make marketing moves. Kevin mentions a line that our marketing director at Hot Dog Marketing often uses with customers; that she can tell a customer exactly where they’ll be and what they can expect if they implement the marketing plan and follow through on the steps in the given timeline.

Many business owners don’t know how long it will take for their marketing efforts to begin making returns.

Why is Now the Right Time?

Now is the right time to make marketing investments because human nature remains optimistic. Essential businesses still provide much-needed solutions, while on the other hand, disrupted industries such as hospitality offer a sense of return to normalcy for the population.

Changing times create opportunity

Even with high unemployment rates, your customers still exist and still need their problems solved. Although, how you interact with customers and deliver your product or service will be different than in the past.

Don’t miss the opportunity to pivot and satisfy customers’ new needs or invest in marketing to meet customers where they are. Just because you have some uncertainty because things are harder, doesn’t mean that opportunities aren’t there.

Don’t fall victim to the 3 I’s of inaction


Business owners may feel overwhelmed by the current atmosphere and unable to decide on action.


These come down to the “I can’t” statements business owners tell themselves. Often, this is because they are blocked from taking action by outside forces.


This happens when decision-makers simply don’t know what to do. They might be aware of an opportunity, but don’t know how to act on it or what steps to take to get them there.

Why are you stuck?

Do you feel overwhelmed? Are you blocked by an outside force? Do you have no idea what to do next? 

Asking yourself this question helps you identify the root causes keeping you from acting. Bridge the gap between where you are now and taking meaningful action by first doing exploration. This discovery process will give you information that will prepare you for the next steps in your marketing process and give you the leadership confidence to go there.

Want to learn more from Jessica and Kevin? Come back in two weeks to check out our next blogcast: What is Brand?

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