5 Things to Help Your Business Stand Out on Social Media

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Identify and Know Your Audience

Before you run to open up that Facebook business page, be sure you have clearly identified your business’ audience. Doing this will ensure you are on the right platforms for your industry and your customer’s demographics. It will also help you know who to follow, interact with and target as you grow your social presence.

The next step is making sure you know your audience. There’s a difference between finding your audience and truly knowing and understanding why they need your services. Just as there’s a difference between an associate and a best friend. You have to get to know your clients and customers so you can give them content that will benefit them.

Pick the Right Platforms

With all the platforms out there, it can be hard to determine which you should focus on. Even if you focus on the big ones right now, like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, your business still needs to zone in on even fewer, to ensure you are putting work in where it will count.  ­­It’s important to remember that not every industry needs to be on all the social media platforms, especially if it isn’t one that their target audience avidly uses

Facebook is the king of all social platforms at the moment, leading in advertising and becoming a place for people to build a sense of community it has a little bit of something for everyone and every industry. This is a great tool to help with client interaction and allows them have a personalized experience with your brand. Instagram has been deemed great for businesses that sell products or that can visually show their services. It’s used mainly by younger generations and is mainly used on a mobile device.

Twitter is great for real time interaction, and live tweeting of events to connect with others in attendance and to give those who are following virtually real time information. Many would describe LinkedIn as Facebook for the professional world, as it’s a great place to network and connect with others in your career field and industry!  This platform is a great tool for B2B businesses.

Have a Strategy and Stick to It

A strategy when implementing these new branches of your business is needed to be sure everything is cohesive and in line with your brand and voice. It can also help if there are multiple team members involved so everyone is on the same page. Map out what services you want to focus on and what direction you want you business to grow in. Making a social schedule can help keep that strategy in place and even help you remember to post about special events and holidays that may pertain to your community or industry.

Mix Up Your Content

No one wants to see the same content repetitively, even if it’s consistent to your brand. Be sure to make your posts visually appealing and think of creative ways to get the same message across. Use visuals to help stop the scroll and ensure you aren’t constantly selling to your customers. You want your posts to blend in with the timeline of the respective platform and engage and entertain your audience as well as inform and educate them about how you can bring them value.

Be Yourself

With so much automated in today’s digital world, it’s important to remind your followers that you are human. Add personal touches to your social strategy and include your company culture and personality into the content! Show off your brand and express why you are a better choice than a competitor and help your perspective clients! Help your business standout in the same way you would make yourself stand out at a networking event or industry conference.

Of course, there is a lot more to having a successful social strategy, but by utilizing these five tips you can be sure you are heading in the right direction! Stand out from the crowd and show your clients why they need to work with you.