5 Marketing Things You Should Be Doing Right Now

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5 Marketing Things You Should Be Doing Right Now

In this episode, Jessica and Kevin discuss the 5 Marketing Things You Should Be Doing Right Now. Why do them now? Jessica opens with a historical dive into the Spanish flu pandemic in the early 20th century. After the uncertainty and grief wore off, the population was enthusiastic to get back to enjoying the things they’d missed for so long during the lockdown. We refer to this period as the “Roaring Twenties.” You’ve probably heard about them.

In our current day, we’re coming out of a very similar situation. With more people getting vaccinated and COVID-19 cases hopefully continuing to decline, we are positioned to see another explosion in activity. To make this moment even riper, the US government has put trillions of dollars of stimulus into the economy. In light of these events, now is the time to get in front of your target audience and position your company for growth.

Here are the five marketing things you should be doing right now.

1. Talk to Your Customers

We’ve been asking our clients what they need now and what they think their business will need in the future. In addition to current clients, we also ask these same questions to people who would be ideal clients but don’t work with us yet. This gives us insight into our current customers’ needs and how we can meet our target audience’s changing needs.

Do this in your business with your clients through email surveys, phone interviews, or in-person conversations.

2. Focus on How You’re Going to Reach Business Goals

The chances are that you have business goals you’d like to achieve (if you don’t, we really should talk). While 2020 was a ‘head down and get through it’ sort of year, if you want to reach your business goals and be in a better position at this time next year, you need to focus on those goals. That focus starts with deciding what actions to take that will get you closer and execute on them each day.

3. Get Your Website Working for You

While DIY websites can save you money, keeping up with security threats, software updates, design trends, and other technical maintenance can be immensely time-consuming. Customers demand a fast, beautiful website, but the burden of creating and maintaining that website shouldn’t fall on the shoulders of business leaders whose time can bring the company much more value when spent elsewhere.

In addition to working properly, your website should compel your audience to want to engage with your brand. A company’s website shouldn’t simply be a banner of self-praise. Instead, it should speak to the customer’s needs and desires and paint the picture of a better future for them. Customers visit your website because they have a problem to be solved, not because they’re interested in the minutiae of your company.

Not sure where to start with your website? Hot Dog Marketing has several services explicitly geared for companies with no idea what steps they need to take to get an excellent website.

4. Show Off Your Employees in Your Marketing

We’ve all been through a lot in the past year. Much of it has been challenging and painful. Communicate to your audience that your team is there to help make things better as we all adjust to the new normal.

5. Outmarket Your Competitors

Many businesses had to permanently shutter in the past twelve months, which created an influx of orphaned customers. Do they know that your business is still going strong? Are you able to get ahead of the pack provide the solution for those customers? There’s no reason to be sleazy or malicious about it, though. You can let these lost customers know that your company provides the solution they need by simply doing more marketing and reaching new audiences.

The Bottom Line

Get in front of your audience and talk to your customers. Times are forever changed, so it doesn’t make sense to approach your audience the same way you always did. Find the new messages and channels to meet your customers and speak to their new needs. If you find talking to customers challenging, Hot Dog Marketing can handle it for you. We love talking to the customers of our clients. Being an objective third party helps us draw out unbiased conclusions that our clients can take action on.


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