Hi! I’m Cathy. I hate being on camera, it’s not my strength (^proof). Luckily, I do have a strength in writing. I am a creative marketing expert and I follow the ever-changing world of digital marketing with a mix of excitement and amazement. Prior to my time at Hot Dog Marketing, I was marketing director of a multi-location business in Central Texas. There, I worked very closely with the owners, managing a six-figure marketing budget. This experience, as well as working through the growth of Hot Dog Marketing, gives me first-hand knowledge of the struggles that business owners face when growing their business.

I have worked in a variety of fields with businesses who had significant growth while I was there. My philosophy is more than just words or data, it is finding a way to marry content and SEO strategy with dynamic advertising to build online equity in our clients’ businesses. Writing is my passion, using it to help others is my pleasure and part of my mission at Hot Dog Marketing.

  • I’m happiest when I can actually get my whole family in one room to enjoy something together like movie night or game night (*sigh* teenagers).
  • I have an exceptionally goofy Border Collie named Murdock…Bill Murdock, and a cantankerous corgi; Heidi. Recently a cat, Lady, joined the family, with more additions coming in 2020. We may open a petting zoo.
  • I have an affinity for television and film and write for an online publication covering both.
  • I once was driven down a sidewalk in New York City for a block to get a friend’s band to their one and only gig at CBGBs before their spot was given away. It was worth it.