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MVBA Law is a collection and legal services agency that strategically partners with government institutions. Historically, the company has focused on the services they provide and maintained a brand typical for the industry.

MVBA decided to update their website. They hired another marketing agency to build it but were unsatisfied with the result. They were reluctant to launch the new site.

When they approached Hot Dog Marketing about this situation, we discovered the reasoning behind their discontent: it was MVBA’s brand that left them unsatisfied. With this knowledge, Hot Dog Marketing began crafting a new brand for them that better suited the identity of their business.

Hot Dog Marketing designed a brand identity that tells the story of what MVBA is helping their clients to accomplish, instead of only listing their services.

MVBA love their new brand and the website we created to match it. Their brand identity and messaging are aligned to help their clients visualize the results MVBA can bring them.

MVBA has seen success and growth with its new brand and website. Because of this prosperity, they can continue to leverage more marketing to sustain their growth.

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Client: MVBA Law

Scope: Branding, Website